Writing A Legacy

   A wonderful day of worship was experienced yesterday at FBC in Sulphur Springs.  Many people attended their Bible Study Life Group to be a part of the class picture.  We began the ”SAY YES CAMPAIGN” and several people signed up to volunteer to various ministries of the church family.  For the next two weeks, the “SAY YES CAMPAIGN” will be a part of the church emphasis.  Last night, Dr. Vang continued his message of “Telling God’s Story” with the beginning of the New Testament journey. 
     Wednesday night (1/16) RECHARGE will be held in Room 109 at 6:15 p. m. with Dr. Kent Pate doing the Bible study.  The church family menu is: smothered steak; brown gravy; mashed potatoes; fried okra; rolls; drink and dessert.  New Life Journey classes will continue this Wednesday night at 6:00 p. m. and there is still time to attend for the winter semester.
     This is a big weekend ahead with ELEVATE 2019.  The dates are January 17-20.  ELEVATE is Disciple Now for all the middle and senior high students.   There will be Bible study, mission opportunities, good music, staying in homes of the church family, good food and plenty of great fellowship.  There is still plenty time to enroll.  If you have any questions, please call Caleb Phillips (903-563-4913) or Tim Fuller (903-348-9652).  Many life changing decisions for students are made during a Disciple Now Weekend.  Parents help needed for your student.  Please make this weekend a priority and please pray for your student’s spiritual development during the weekend.
     Calling all Grade 4 & 5 Parents.  Super Start will be February 1-2.  Super Start is a mini-camp experience with live music and drama.  It is a super weekend for your child to learn more about living the Christian walk and life.  Sign up at ssfbc.org or in the church office.  Parents, we cannot tell or encourage you enough to make this weekend part of your child’s spiritual development.  No game, dance or school event can be as important as this weekend in your child’s spiritual development.     
     Each day on planet earth, you are writing your story and will legacy.  A legacy is not about you as a person.  A legacy is about how God used you as a blessing to others.  What will people say about you when you leave planet earth?    
     Have a wonderful week in your neighborhood!      Fred W. Lewis

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