Pray for Our Country


Today is Tuesday and a beautiful day in Sulphur Spring at 76 degrees.  I guess our northern friends would love to see 76 degrees.  Parents Day Out began this morning at 9:00 a. m.  Just to let you know that Mark Beggs is now a student at Truett Seminary in Waco beginning work toward his doctorate.  He is there on Monday and we are blessed to have him at First Baptist Church.  Please pray for him and encourage him.  Mark is a very talented person and grew up in FBC.
Tomorrow night (2/6) RECHARGE will be led by John Ginn.  RECHARGE meets in room 109 and begins at 6:15 p. m.  The church family meal menu is:  chicken fried steak; baked potatoes; cheese & sour cream, salad, roll, drink and dessert.  FBC is the place to be on Wednesday night.  There is always a place for you and the community is always invited to attend.  New Life Journey classes are in full session and you can still be a part of a class.
Thursday (2/7) the Women Going Forward Luncheon for widows and single ladies will be held in room 108 at noon.  The luncheon is free and under the leadership ministry of Emma Shaw.  All ladies in the church and community are invited to attend.
People have different reasons for attending a particular church.  Each person’s reason is valid and we should respect that person’s right.  We are blessed in the USA to have freedom to go to church and have choice where we do attend.  We should always be thankful for this freedom and work to keep this freedom.  A nation is always one generation away at any time in history to lose their freedom and their country.  Every Christian should pray daily for our national, state and local government leadership.

Have a great day in your neighborhood!  

Fred W. Lewis

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