Today is Thursday and it has been a beautiful day at First Baptist Church.  I wish you could see, hear and be here to see our future generations.  Parents Day Out began this morning at 9:00 a. m.  Throughout the building there are different high school students from around East Texas having their solo and ensemble contest.  At the ROC, there are many drummers from all over East Texas having their tryouts.  This is an important opportunity for our future generations to see in a church, meet different Christians and see what goes on in this big building.  It is always exciting to see the building being used to help and minister to others.  God has blessed this church family with a big building for the church family to use for worship, Bible Study, fellowship and relationship.  Women Going Forward Luncheon for widows and single ladies was held in room 108 at noon.  There were 13 ladies there to enjoy good food and fellowship.
Last night we were blessed at RECHARGE to have John Ginn to lead the Bible Study.  There are many different ministries throughout the building on Wednesday night.  Next Wednesday night (2/13) Dr. Kent Pate will be our Bible Study teacher.
Tomorrow the Men’s Coffee Fellowship will begin at 8:30 a. m. in room 108.  This Sunday (2/10) is coming and it will be a wonderful day to worship the Lord.  Dr. Preben Vang will be here to preach and his message is entitled: “What A Testimony”.  In the 8:30 a. m. service there are three people to be baptized.  They are: Arianna Caswell; Trinity Martin; and Dobson Martin.  It will be an exciting morning.  At 5:15 p. m. in Fellowship Hall all the new volunteers that signed up on the “SAY YES” campaign will have a fellowship and meeting.  If you did not sign up and you would like to sign up or get more information about volunteering in ministry, you are welcome to attend.
A church community is made up of five generations.  Each generation is different and unique, but each generation have special values that help other generations.  We are one church family, but it is made up with many different age groups.  Older generations should pass on the legacy to younger generations and encourage the younger generations.
Have a great day in your neighborhood!  

Fred W. Lewis

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