Join us for Prayer Meeting

    Tonight (2/27) for RECHARGE Anna Marie Edgemon will be speaking about her many mission trips to Kenya and how FBC helped in a great way to further the Kingdom of God in this African country.  Church family menu is:  sliced smoked sausage; french fries; pinto beans; cabbage slaw, cornbread; drink and dessert.  Adult worship choir will be practicing and the adult teaching ministry staff will be meeting to study for Sunday morning.  Preschool, children and student ministries will be meeting.  A special for the student ministry will be the new youth ministry band will be sharing.  Next Wednesday (3/6) a New Life Journey class will begin called: “THE REAL GOD”.
     On Thursday (2/28) the Sixty Plus Ministry is leaving at 4:00 p. m. to go to Rockwall for eating out at Texas Roadhouse and then shopping in the mall.  All ages are welcome to attend and enjoy just good Christian fellowship. 
     This Sunday afternoon all the active deacons are being invited to attend a new course for five weeks called: “DEACONS: PARTNERS IN MINISTRY AND GROWTH” by Jim Henry.  This course will be taught by Dr. Roy Edgemon and it begins at 4:45 p. m.  This will help our deacons in the future to minister and care for the church family. 
     The FBC goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is $18,000.00.  This offering is used by the Southern Baptist Convention Home North American Mission Board to provide help and ministry in America. 
      Going to church worship on Sunday is not about how you dress or what you wear, how much money you give, or how long you been at the church.  Worshipping the Lord is the sole reason for going and giving to God’s Kingdom.  A worshipper should be clean, wear the best a person has and come with a willing attitude to worship the Lord.  When I was a boy growing up in South Mississippi, all men would wear clean starched bid overalls or khaki shirt and pants.  Church was long and hot.  They worshipped in the best the participants had at that time.
     If you like to travel with a great group of people, there is room for you on the fall color tour of New England.  In October we will be taking a big trip to Boston and the north eastern part of the United States for a fall color trip.  It will include the history of Boston, two nights in Bar Harbor and a special visit to the first Baptist church established in America at Providence, Rhode Island.  Any person in the community or other places can go with the church family on these trips.  For information or a brochure concerning the trip please call the church office (903-885-0646) or come by the church office.
          Have a great day in your neighborhood!   Fred W. Lewis

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