Daylight Savings Sunday

          This morning the Parent’s Day Out began at 9:00 a. m.  This wonderful preschool ministry reaches many different people in the community.  It is a great place to learn about Jesus; get good relational skills before the elementary school years and loved on by Christian teachers.  Also, at 9:00 a. m. the Ladies’ Prayer Gathering met in the Conference Room.  All ladies are invited to attend and pray with other ladies.  Four of our staff members are attending a conference in Marshal today to help the church move forward on safety and protection of our younger members.
     Wednesday (3/6) Dr. Kent Pate will lead Bible Study for RECHARGE.  The church family menu is: fried chicken breast; mashed potatoes; green beans; salad; roll; drink and dessert.  This Wednesday a New Life Journey class will begin called: “THE REAL GOD” and it will be taught by Rev. Kenneth Rhoades.  All parents and family members should take the course to gain a greater wisdom of God.
       Thursday (3/7) the Women Going Forward will meet for their monthly meeting in room 108 at noon.  The special guests will be Jim & Mildred Barksdale.  All single and widow women are invited to the luncheon.
     The FBC goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is $18,000.00.  This offering is used by the Southern Baptist Convention Home North American Mission Board to provide help and ministry in America. 
     Summer Camp Registration for youth and elementary students is taken place now.  You can register your student on line or by coming into the church office.  Don’t rob your child of a fantastic summer Christian experience by not signing your child up for summer camp.
     FYI-DEACONS!  The regular deacon’s meeting will meet this Sunday afternoon (3/10) at the regular time.  The class taught by Dr. Roy Edgemon will be postponed until the following Sunday (3/17). 
     If you have problems with relationships here on earth, how will you spend eternity with a person who is a follower of Christ?  How long do you think eternity is?  Your relationships here on earth are important.  Don’t miss or mess up a friendship because we want or desire to get our own way, regardless.  A friendship is worth more and easier to continue by saying, “Please forgive me.  I am sorry I offended you.”    
     Have a great day in your neighborhood!   Fred W. Lewis

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