Mark Your Calendar-Health Fair-April 2

     A beautiful sunny day in Sulphur Springs with the local school systems on spring break for the faculty and students.  The ski trip to Colorado is in full session and on Tuesday the skiers begin their first day of skiing.  They had a safe trip to the slopes and at 4:00 p. m. the group will be fitted out with the ski equipment.  We began the day with staff meeting at 8:45 a. m. with Tommy Johnston leading. 
     We were thankful for the great day of worship yesterday.  Dr. Vang preached two great sermons in the morning and evening.  We are thankful for how God is using Dr. Vang to lead the church family.  The deacons had a great afternoon class with Dr. Roy Edgemon.  There were 18 deacons present and others out on spring break. 
     This Wednesday night (3/20) RECHARGE will be led by Dr. David Hardage.  There will be NO church family meal this Wednesday because of spring break.  The New Life Journey course: “The Real God” will meet in room 108 at 6:00 p. m. with Kenneth Rhoades leading.  The Adult Worship Choir will be practicing and there will be the Adult Teacher’s Meeting.
     There is still a great need for a person to step up and volunteer to help arrange the altar flowers on a Monday morning, once a month.  If you are willing to help, please contact the church office.
     SET YOUR CALENDAR DATE!  On Tuesday (4/2) the 50 + HEALTH FAIR will be held at the FBC ROC.  The times are 4:30-6:30 p. m.  This year the time frame is totally different.  It will be in the early evening for people in this age group that continue to work to have the opportunity to come for FREE medical information, tests, and gifts. 
     Easter, 2019 will be here at FBC on April 21.  There will be two full services in the Worship Center and the Spence Chapel at 8:30 a. m. and 11:00 a. m.  Start to invite your friends to worship with you on this Easter Sunday.
     Each person needs to be in a church worship service on Sunday.  Regardless of your location, there is a church near you to worship the Lord.  Time is not an issue because God made time equal for all people.  Each person has 24 hours in a day.  No more or no less.  God gave you the right and opportunity to choose how you use your 24 hours a day.
     Have a great day in your neighborhood!!     Fred W. Lewis

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