Adult Trips Coming Up

                              HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!
     Today the Parents Day Out began at 9:00 a. m.  The church office is busy preparing the materials for the Sunday morning worship services.  Last night we were blessed in the Bible lesson that was brought by Dr. Kent Pate.  There is always a lot of good fellowship, good food and ministry going on at FBC on Wednesday night.
     Prayer need:  Bruch Welch’s father, Earl Welch, is having surgery this morning in Houston.  Please pray for him and his recovery.  Also, please pray for Bruce’s safe return trip to Sulphur Springs.
     Please pray for this Saturday (2/16) the two big ministries at the ROC.  At 4:00 p. m. the Upward Basketball Ceremony will be held for parents and participants.  At 6:00 p. m. the Fifth Grade Bash will be held.  This is a special outreach opportunity for all fifth graders in Hopkins County.
     Every Wednesday night, the Hope Car Ministry meets behind the youth building and works on cars for widows or single mothers.  Many people give cars to FBC to be repaired and then given to single moms to help with the family transportation.
     Two big trips will be taken by FBC family or anyone that would like to go with us.  In October we will be taking a big trip to Boston and the north eastern part of the United States for a fall color trip.  It will include the history of Boston, two nights in Bar Harbor and a special visit to the first Baptist church established in America at Providence, Rhode Island.  Please text me or call the church office to get a trip brochure.  Another big trip will be in July, 2020 to the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany.  There are brochures available in the church office or texting me.  The Passion Play in Oberammergau was begun in 1630 and it is done every 10 years. 
     Have a great day in your neighborhood!   Fred W. Lewis

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