Communication Request Form

Project Information and Deadlines

These are minimum estimates and your project may require more time depending on the complexity. The earlier a request is submitted, the better we can help accomplish your communication goals!

Bulletin Graphic = 2 weeks
If space allows, we will publicize your event graphic in the bulletin.

11x17 Poster = 2 weeks
These posters will be posted at the welcome centers and around the church.
Social Media = 2 weeks
We will add your event to the social media calendar and use the appropriate channels to advertise your event.
Churchwide Email = 2 weeks
Your event will be sent out through the churchwide email. This will most likely include a graphic to catch the eye of viewers.
Hand out/flyer/postcard/printed piece = 3-4 weeks
We mainly do these for special promotion [kick-offs, special church-wide events, community invitations].
Website Event = 1 week
Video project = 3 weeks
Please consult with the director of media and communications to plan a video project.